Accidental damage

Sometimes it happens that your garage door is damaged by accident such as your car, tools or some other objects. It happens very frequently, we have received the quote requests from our customers more than 5 every month.

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In this case, normally there are two options we recommend. If the damage is small or customer doesn't care about appearance, we recommend the repair of damaged part. Its not 100 percent we can recover, but we try to make it operate properly and look nicely. The cost of repair(restore) is around $300-800 depends on door condition.

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The other option is the insurance claim. you can claim this to house insurance. In this case, you pay only your access(normally around $500) then insurance company covers the whole cost of door replacement. If one or two panels are damaged, we have to replace whole door panels because the colour and shape of each panel is little bit different each other. In this case, you have to approve the door is damaged by accident. The total claim cost(replacing whole door) is around 2k-3k depending on your door type and size.

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So if you have damaged door by accident, please contact us or nearest garage door service to get a quote and we advice you which option is better for your situation. we can also help you to process an insurance claim. Don't worry too much, we are always with you!!


Author: Eden Garage Doors

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