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Tilt Door Springs

Tilt Door Springs

Tilt Doors are fitted with springs on each the side of the garage door, usually one each side (some larger doors may have two springs each side) to balance the weight of the door to make it possible to open. These springs have a limited life(up to 16,000 cycles) and eventually break from metal fatigue.

There are 50kg and 75kg springs commonly used in New Zealand depending on the door weight,

  • 50kg X 2 for single garage door(Steal)
  • 75kg X 2 for double garage door(Steal and Timber)
  • Sometimes 50kg X 4, 75kg X 4 are used for extra heavy door

The costs for replacing springs are depend on the door weight, it costs roughly from $250 to $450.

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“Extremely impressed with the service I got from these guys. Had a garage door that I thought would have to be replaced and they managed to fix it. So happy I didn't have to replace the entire door! Highly recommended A++!” — Anthony Sanford, Epsom