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sectional door springs

The torsion springs are for sectional garage doors made up of panels which open vertically with each panel turning 90°C as the door goes up to eventually lay horizontal under the ceiling when open. These springs can be identified by having ‘plugs’ at both ends, which are identified by colour coding.

When your garage door spring is snapped, we recommend that both springs can be replaced at once because they are same ages so one spring is snapped which means the other one also will be snapped soon.

Matching springs with your door, we measure the door weight and height then calculate the right turns and springs.(please refer to the following spring calculation table)

The costs for replacing springs are depend on the door weight and height, it costs roughly from $300 to $380.

When we replace the springs, we also recommend to replace the cables and end bearings as well because normally they are same age of snapped springs(life-time is around 10 years in normal condition)

When your spring was snapped, never touch the door or springs for your safety, or try to operate the door opener which will cause the serious damage on your opener, contact us or nearest garage door service.

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